Spring Term So Far

I unintentionally put this blog on the backburner last term.  Life got in the way; I was initiated into my sorority, writing posts for Her Campus, taking classes, working, socializing, having existential crises, and exploring the world that opens up when you turn twenty-one.

Winter was challenging.  Oregon takes a lot out of you in January and February with the continual rain and gloom.  However, in my opinion, it beats constant sunshine – thanks to my Irish roots, I sunburn like nobody’s business.  And now that the sun is shining, my arsenal of sunscreen and aloe vera is going to be employed much more frequently.

In my field of study, I am constantly surrounded by professors and peers who are producing awe-inspiring, life-changing work.  It is helpful to be immersed in an environment that promotes good work and productivity because it requires me to put aside my insecurities and flaws in order to rise up to the task at hand.  This term is pushing my creative limits as I learn more about the world of advertising.

This term, I’m looking forward to building my skill set, my portfolio, and finding inspiration in the people and things around me.


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